Canadian-born pop singer Herokah creates soulful music that touches upon R&B and house. Herokah was born on B.C.'s West Coast where she lived with her Brother and single Mother.

After highschool, Herokah attended a classical music program in college for three years but left to find creative expression. Herokah became more curious and even more ambitious and interested in the thought of healing people and herself through her music.

At this time Herokah is writing and performing her Electro, Soul, dance inspired music to empower physical and emotional movement of the body with specific lyrics and sound expressions. Herokah started collaborating with DJ Raven to create some of her infectious electro/R&B unique stylistic tracks.

Herokah has just released her first album of songs titled "Herokah" go to MUSIC at to download them! To get instant access and information for upcoming shows, new and FREE singles, don't wait to sign up to Herokah's mailing list located on the homepage of

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